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Mudbrick Restaurant and Vineyard

One of the most romantic places on earth

Meet Robyn and Nicholas Jones. They purchased Mudbrick in 1992 when Nicholas was 28 and Robyn was 27 years old.
They still own and operate the property today.

Once upon a time, Robyn and Nicholas, who were working in reasonably mundane employment in Auckland, decided to do something different. In 1992, they bought a lifestyle block on Waiheke Island – bare land with wonderful sea views, loaded with hope and promise. Their plan could be described today, as predictable:

They would set up a vineyard, live off the land, quaff the fruit of the vines, and live happily ever after. They had both trained as Accountants – Nick was working as an actual accountant, but Robyn was not. There was a time when she thought she might be one of those people that gain a degree but never use it. She didn’t like accounting, and couldn’t face the thought of working in this environment for the rest of her life. Nick could sympathise – he didn’t like the predictable future stretched out in front of him either.

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