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The Alembics Lab

Distilling Knowledge

Why not come see (and smell) what’s going on in our Lab? The Alembics Lab is a workspace for aromatic distillation and botanical learning. We teach people the fundamentals of distillation—for aromatic spirits, hydrosol (aromatic water-based products) and essential oils—as well as how to work with natural aroma and flavour for food, drink and cosmetics. We offer product development consultations for businesses and individuals, and from November 2024 we’ll be running regular in-person distillation workshops and events for individuals and groups.

The Lab is open from 10-4 every weekday. We will be running distillation and aromatic workshops from November 2024, and in the meantime you are welcome to visit us to find out more at the Old Blackpool Store, 13 Moa Ave, just down the road from Oneroa Village.